Dyslexia can be defined as a difficulty to learn how to read accurately and fluently. Dyslexia can be greatly affected by cognition as we use several cognitive skills to read. In no way dyslexia is an indicator of intelligence.
When we try to define in greater details what is dyslexia, we can associate it with difficulties, language skills, processing speed, auditory short-term memory, phonological awareness among others. It is important to note that not all reading disorders are associated with dyslexia even if dyslexia remains the most important and documented reading disorder.
CogniFit develops scientifically validated brain training software to help assess and train a large number of cognitive skills. Some of those cognitive skills are often associated with dyslexia.
Dyslexia treatment can come in many different forms. When dyslexic college students trained with CogniFit program, their cognitive development, brain activity, working memory and reading performance were shown to increase significantly. Results lasted up to six months after training and had an effect on dyslexia.
You can click here to access the full article via PubMed and read more about the scientific validation behind our brain training program.
Adults which are dyslexic can usually read with good comprehension even if they tend to read a bit more slowly than non-dyslexics individuals. Dyslexia treatment can help at every stage of life.
Assessing and training the cognitive skills which are important for reading is simple and fun with CogniFit. All our brain exercises are available online and by training regularly, you can help maintain and improve your abilities. CogniFit will also provide you with a large number of interesting insights of your current cognitive level and the tools to improve it.
Start assessing and training today, see how your cognitive skills evolve over time and how this can affect your reading and comprehension abilities.