Why do you need to play NiceIQ?
Scientific research has verified that our brain begins to degenerate at the age of 20, but it has also verified that neurons in the brain are malleable and the brain is able to regroup itself and build new connections. Appropriate and scientific training can keep your brain at extremely effective work. As your body can be improved by physical training, your brain can achieve the best performance through NiceIQ.

How often should you play NiceIQ?

As everyone has its unique brain, individuals may get different results out of brain training. We suggest to play NiceIQ at least once a day, just as our brawn needs some stimulus every day. Provided you do some training towards your weak areas regularly, your brain will perform much better very soon, even in one or two weeks.

How much time should you spent on NiceIQ each day to achieve the best results?

For you to take advantage of fragments of time, training program of NiceIQ takes as little time as possible. Usually 10 to 15 minutes is enough to complete it within a day, but if you have more free time, our suggestion is to do training for half an hour.