Brain fitness industry is currently developing fast, with new free entertainment-oriented brain teasers and puzzle games emerging on internet and our smart phone every day. They may be fun to play with, but are not designed for systematic, scientific and professional training of brain. As you cannot work out strong muscle and form a toned figure simply by playing basketball or running occasionally, you must do professional fitness training to achieve that.
Scientific backgrounds
most seemingly intellectual games actually do little favor to our brain, the same reasoning as that our logical thinking can hardly be enhanced through watching detective movies. However, NiceIQ only adopts technologies that are already verified by scientific experiment and have professional research papers as foundation, and its training programs are produced under the guide of professional cognitive scientists. Therefore, such training programs, as verified by independent institutions and with scientific backgrounds, are more able to improve your brains than free puzzle games.
training programs of NiceIQ origin from our daily life, such as driving and mental arithmetic. After certain period of training, you will find not only your ability in playing the programs is promoted but also your ability in memorizing roads and of calculation in reality.
most free intellectual games, even the relatively effective ones, can only train a single ability, such as memory or speed. However, the improvement of our brains is a comprehensive task, which also includes training of flexibility, logical thinking, attention and many other aspects, more than the training of memory and speed. Besides, memory can be divided into short-term memory and long-term memory, and attention can be divided into divided attention and selective ones. Therefore, only comprehensive training can help your brain acquire overall improvement, just as you won’t perform well in the basketball match if you are only good in one or two apects, such as shooting or passing.
Transfer effect
training programs of NiceIQ have great transfer effects, and your progress in training courses can also be achieved in real learning, life, and work, to increase your happiness and confidence.
just like attending marathon race, if you force yourself to finish the whole journey while you actually can only run two kilometers, you will be seriously hurt both mentally and physically in the end. So it’s desirable to begin with proper training amount and then to increase it step by step. Aware of this, NiceIQ is designed to be able to intelligently and dynamically adjust the level of difficulty, which can create a set of training programs tailored to your personal brains. Whether you are elderly people or children, you can always find the level of difficulty that suits you, thus ensuring quick and continuous progress.