Memory Focus Logical thinking Problem solving Flexibility Speed
Scientific experiments show that the appropriate brain training play an important role for the development of the brain. NiceIQ uses a lot of the latest achievements of scientific experiments to specially develop 6 kinds of training projects for you to have more targeted exercises.

Memory can distinguish and confirm things around. In solving the complicated problem, the knowledge experience provided by the memory plays an important role. Cognitive psychologists have given preeminence to memory study.

Speed relates to the ability to process information automatically and therefore speedily, without intentional thinking through. Faster processing speed means more efficient thinking and learning.

Focus is the ability to sort different visual and auditory stimuli so as to prioritize actions. It often requires ignoring certain irrelevant information in order to successfully allocate attention to another.

Flexibility refers to the mental ability to adjust thinking or attention in response to changing goals and envir

-onmental stimuli.

Problem solving refers to a deliberate and purposeful act on the part of an individual aiming to realize some set goals or objectives by mak

-ing use of some novel methods,

higher thinking and systematic steps.

Logicalthinking refers to the right and rational thinking ability to observe, compare, analyze, synthesize, abstract, generalize, judge and reason.